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Mission "To give integrated solutions, made on the base of qualification, skills, knowledge and talent in the sphere of auditing, accounting, taxes, finances, law and business."

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     Geneva Group International (GGI)

ACTIV Corporate Social Responsibility Program

ACTIV has always tried to adhere to best practices for socially responsible behavior. That is why we created and introduced the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, which is an expression of our diligence to balance the economic growth with greater social and environmental standards. The concept is applied in all aspects of our corporate activities:

No Section Event
1 Education Educational Workshop: "Education today - Efficiency tomorrow " - the volunteer work of experts of Activ in the Varna High school of commerce "Georgi S. Rakovski.
Educational trainings, internships and meetings with students from Bulgaria and Europe.
2 Sport Conducting traditional tournament active beach volleyball "For the prize of Activ".
Conducting traditional beach soccer tournament Activ Beach Soccer Cup.
3 Business Publishing of Class ACTIV"
4 Taxes Organizing tax parlor for the issues of personal taxes.
5 Culture Publishing of "Izkustvodar".
Conducting Exhibition competition for young artists Discovery jointly with the International foundation "Discovery".
6 Ecology Separate collection of paper, the "Paperless office", separate collection of used batteries.
7 Corporate charity Helping people in need.
June - Month charity

  • Internal Aspects
    • creation of fundamental values - honesty, openness, honest and ethical work standards set in all interpersonal relationships
    • full support for the human rights protection and non-discrimination in all its forms of manifestation
    • provide safe and healthy working environment
    • full responsibility towards the employees - providing the development of human resources through training programs and refresher courses, flexible working hours and possibility for remote execution of duties
    • develop an internal system of payments taking into account the individual contribution and performance
    • maintain effective communication channels and support staff in critical situations
  • External Aspects
    • accountability to partners by providing quality services
    • support initiatives to take greater responsibility for environmental protection
    • corporate sponsorship and charity
    • interaction with the local community
    • support of anticorruption activities and control of abuses
    • successful practice to allow students - interns as an opportunity Activ to participate in their preparation and professional orientation.

    The specific initiatives and actions that ACTIV has realized, and plans to implement under the Corporate Social Responsibility Program are in the following directions:

    • To protect and conserve the environment
      • separate collection of paper waste from others
      • recommendations for their minimizing and their handing for subsequent recycling
      • efficient use of electricity and heat
    • To support the various initiatives and financial support in the form of donations, sponsorships, charity
      • annual donations of series of limited edition books, purchased from publisher Club Bukinist in favor of the Regional Library "P. Slaveikov - Varna
      • joint project with the home for children deprived of parental care "Princess Kalina - Provadiya.
      • indirect donations without address
      • financial support of the volleyball club "Black Sea - Varna.
    • To support culture and education at local level
      • Educational workshop ACTIVation together with the Varna High school of commerce "G.S. Rakovski. The project is implemented in several program lines:
        • gratuitous commitment of professionals from ACTIV in the role of consultants on the anticipated topics of the curriculum of schools;
        • coop with training firms of students;
        • support the development and management projects defend;
        • create for the students an atmosphere for creative thinking and logical reasoning;
        • the development of interesting topics from business practices and present them to the students;
        • provision of specialized books from the library of ACTIV for an use by students and teachers;
        • support for talented students.
    • In terms of business partnerships publishing the "Activ" ratings.
    • Izkustvodar Publishing- a project, accommodating in the time the harmony of business and art.