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Mission "To give integrated solutions, made on the base of qualification, skills, knowledge and talent in the sphere of auditing, accounting, taxes, finances, law and business."

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АКТИВ е независим член на Активити Национална Мрежа АД (ANN)

АКТИВ е независим член на Geneva Group International (GGI)


Office building of Activ, Varna, 5 Dunav Str.Activ Ltd. was established in April 1995, its major business being: auditing, financial and accounting consulting, investigations, valuation of assets and liabilities. Company's incorporators were Nadya Kostova and Simeon Simov.

Accounting Practice Activ (Activ-Char) Ltd. was incorporated in 1996 because of enlargement of corporate business and higher interest in qualified accounting-data handling services. Activ-K Ltd. and Activ Expo Ltd. were next incorporated in 1997 for the purposes of better coverage of economic matter.

Business Practice Activ (Activ K) Ltd. is specialized in publishing. This company possesses Publisher identification No 9587/1997. The purpose of this company is to meet the growing demand of operative economic literature in a framework of continuously changing legal regulations.

For the purposes of practical mastering of accounting-law changes, Activ Expo Ltd. is specialized in the organizing of educational courses, including training of candidates for the confer of certified public accountant's rights.

The following year the company was licensed by of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy to act as information- and employment intermediary (Certificate No 17/1998). Activ Ltd. was registered as specialized auditing company in the Institute of the Certified Public Accountants in 1999 (published in State Gazette No 23/1999).

In november 2004 tne basic team of Activ Ltd. settled in own new office building, located in Varna, on 5 Dunav streat.

In partnership with the German Consulting Company ABG, in 2008 was established the Company ACTIV ABG, which combine the potential of the two companies: ACTIV and ABG. ACTIV ABG provides complete solutions, obtained through Bulgarian and German expertise characterized by flexibility and accuracy at the same time.

Also in 2008, Activ became a member of multidisciplinary network GGI (Geneva Group International) - one of the world's leading networks of professional and independent accounting, auditing, legal and consulting firms working with established quality standards. International independent members of GGI provide our customers and partners an access to high quality, unified experience, global market knowledge and specialized solutions for the needs of their national and international business.

Since early 2009, Activ is an independent member of the Activity National Network AD (ANN) - a network of independent auditing, accounting, law firms and those on taxation, management and financial consulting. Members of the ANN are companies that operate independently but share a common goal - to improve their experience to benefit customers. The network is dedicated to providing professional high quality services through consolidation of national expertise and creative potential.

For the time of it's establishment Activ Ltd. put and will defend in the future it's own identity wich is: "To give integrated solutions, made on the base of qualification, skills, knowledge and talent in the sphere of auditing, accounting, taxes, finances, law and busines".