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Mission "To give integrated solutions, made on the base of qualification, skills, knowledge and talent in the sphere of auditing, accounting, taxes, finances, law and business."

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АКТИВ е независим член на Активити Национална Мрежа АД (ANN)

АКТИВ е независим член на Geneva Group International (GGI)

Employment intermediary

Activ employment agency is specialized to provide the three key directions in business:

  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Administration

The advantage of our service is shortlisting and successive interview of shortlisted candidates. Our proven competency for the respective quality level is a guarantee for candidates' conformity with respect to changes in legal requirements and regulations applicable to the position.

You can calculate your costs spent on a candidate's selection considering:

  • Position advertising costs in at least one daily
  • Your time wasted in answering telephone calls and interviews of unsuitable candidates or candidates shortlisted by incompetent intermediary.
  • Time wasted (one, two or more weeks) to find out that candidate-declared qualifications are not proven in practice because these qualifications haven't been tested by a professional.

The result of this calculation will much exceed our offer for selection of:

  • Manager
  • Financial expert
  • Economist
  • Cashier accountant
  • Cashier
  • Invoice associate
  • Office manager

Our clients are our best reference: Iris International PLC., Bureau Veritas Ltd., Bon Marin PLC., Festa Holding PLC., Devnya Cement PLC., Radio Bravo FM, Boni Oborot Ltd., Interservice Uzunov Co., Lyuliaka PLC., Triada Soft Ltd. and others