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Mission "To give integrated solutions, made on the base of qualification, skills, knowledge and talent in the sphere of auditing, accounting, taxes, finances, law and business."

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     Geneva Group International (GGI)

International presence

Geneva Group International (GGI)

Different origins and cultures under one objective:
"solving problems" makes us stronger and
more intensive and provides us with
a global competitive advantage of the network and
a local competitive advantage of the members.

It is vital today, for big and small companies to have a presence in international markets. That is why ACTIV is an independent member of Geneva Group International - one of the worlds leading networks of professional and independent accounting, auditing, law and consulting firms, with proven high quality standards. The international independent GGI members provide our clients and partners access to high quality, united experience, global market knowledge, and specialized solutions for their international business needs.

The work of ACTIV, as a part of Geneva Group International global network, is a pleasure and allows us to assist all inquiries, everywhere in the world, and to accompany Bulgarian companies on the international markets and International companies on the Bulgarian market. Any interest, demonstrated to our consulting and auditing firm, commits us to provide not only the expected but also add value.

Activ ABG

When we are single we are very good,
when we are together we are incredible.

ACTIV ABG, which combine the potential of the two companies: ACTIV and ABG. ACTIV ABG provides complete solutions, obtained through Bulgarian and German expertise characterized by flexibility and accuracy at the same time.

The clients of Activ ABG are companies, situated on tne territory of Bulgaria with German participation in property or management, German companies with business intention to invest in Bulgaria and Bulgarian companies, working in Germany or with interest to work in Germany.